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Our official Lavazza and Caffitaly coffee machines are modern, reliable and easy to use. They will give you the highest quality coffees and teas for your home, workplace or restaurant, and will leave the users feeling satisfied and refreshed. Find out how you can get a FREE Lavazza coffee machine by clicking here.





Our Range Of Coffee Machines 

We have Lavazza coffee machines that are great for espressos, long coffee, filter coffee, tea, hot chocolate or herbal teas.

Our Lavazza coffee machines come in a range of different styles to suit your space, giving you a quality beverage in just a matter of seconds.

As a Lavazza coffee capsule distributor, we stock a vast selection of compatible coffee capsules that you can view here.

Click below to see our full range of quality coffee machines.


Official Lavazza coffee machine distributor in UK





As a Lavazza coffee distributor in the UK, we supply a range of Lavazza coffees and teas perfect for your office, restaurant or place of work. Coffees and teas to suit all tastes, using high quality ingredients, all blended and produced in Italy.

Find out more about our Lavazza coffee and tea capsules by clicking below.




 Loan A Quality Lavazza
Coffee Machine For Free

We offer our coffee machines on loan for free. All you need to do is order the coffee.

It’s our way of saying thank you for doing business with us, and for supplying your colleagues, friends, family or customers with premium, high quality coffee from Italy.

We also deliver our coffee machine free of charge within the London area. All you have to do is keep it stocked.

What’s The Minimum Coffee Order?

As long as you order 200 Lavazza coffee capsules (or 300 according to the machine you choose) per month, you get your official Lavazza coffee machine free of charge. That’s an average of just 7 drinks per day.

What About Maintenance?

All of our maintenance and repairs are made whenever you request them, and they are also free of charge. Repairs and maintenance are all part of our quality service and our commitment to customer care.

























 Claim Your Lavazza Coffee Machine


We can offer you a reconditioned Lavazza Coffee Machine free on loan for 1 month on a rolling contract or a brand new machine with an 18 months contract.
All we ask in return is a minimum monthly consumption of Lavazza capsules required to retain the coffee machine. 200 capsules for reconditioned machines (only 7 coffees per day) and 300 for new machines (only 10 coffees per day). Please select your preferred loan agreement below, fill it out and click on "Claim Yours Now".





 Lavazza Coffee Maker Repairs

Maintenance and repairs are entirely free of charge when you decide to go for a FREE on LOAN machine or when you rent one.

What about if you own your machine?

If you own one of the Lavazza machines and would like to get it serviced or repaired we can undertake the job for a reasonable price.

Of course when it comes to repairs customers expect a top quality service and possibly good value for money too. At Amr Lavazza we have plenty of experience in this field; no job's too big or too small.

 Our Repair Process


  • Call us to explain what seems to be the problem
  • We will give you help over the phone if possible
  • If not we will ask you to give or send us the machine
  • We will provide you with an estimate and subject to your approval the machine will be repaired or serviced 
  • We will organize the delivery back to your desired address




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