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Lavazza coffee capsules, AMR Lavazza Official UK Distributor For Lavazza Coffee Capsules

We at A.M.R. coffee pods, are proud to provide authentic and high quality Italian coffee for restaurants, offices, businesses and home living spaces.

We are proud to provide genuine Italian coffee and the satisfaction it brings to people all over the UK, and we also supply high quality Lavazza coffee machines and official Lavazza accessories to our customers along with other renowned brands like Caffitaly.

We can offer our Lavazza  and Caffitaly coffee machines free of charge, on loan for anyone who keeps their machine stocked with our Lavazza or Caffitaly coffee capsules every month. Read more here.




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Lavazza Coffee Capsules

Lavazza Coffee Capsules are a result of Luigi Lavazza’s original coffee blends from 1895. Since then the business and its blends have evolved to give you the experience of a Lavazza coffee shop from the convenience of your own home, business or place of work. Find out more about our full range of Lavazza coffee capsules and compatible Lavazza coffee machines here.

 Lavazza Coffee Capsules Machine supplier for the UK

Lavazza Coffee Machines

We supply official Lavazza coffee machines and Caffitaly coffee machines all over the UK. Experience their ease of use, speed, convenience and quality output by having them in your place of work or home space. Great for both large and small spaces, from large offices and restaurants to small home environments, find the perfect coffee machine for you.

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 Lavazza coffee distrubuter and accessories for the UK

Lavazza Coffee Accessories

We supply the whole range of Lavazza accessories, including Lavazza paper cups and lids, porcelain cups and mugs, as well as sugar sachets and biscuits for accompanying your tea or coffee.

All of our products are of the great quality you would expect to find from Lavazza.








Lavazza Coffee Capsule
Lines  We Supply

We are UK distributors supplying both Lavazza and Caffitaly coffee capsules. We enjoy their high quality and are proud to provide you with a wide range of coffee capsules and coffee machines to suit all tastes and preferences.



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Lavazza Espresso Point coffee machines and coffee capsules for the UK, Lavazza coffee distributors AMR

 Lavazza Blue Label capsules sold in the UK







AMR, Official Lavazza coffee distributor in UK

Our Passion For Lavazza Coffee

 Lavazza Coffee began in 1895 when Luigi Lavazza opened his first store in San Tommaso, Turin. He would gather coffee from different origins from around the world, create his own blends and share them with his customers.

He was a pioneer of blending coffees from different parts of the world, and studied the origins of different plants and the coffees they would produce. His legacy has continued through four generations of entrepreneurs, and today we are left with a wide range of high quality, sustainably produced coffees that share a taste of Italy.

 Today Lavazza is an environmentally conscious and sustainable business that cares a great deal about its growers and the lands its coffee comes from.

At AMR coffee pods, we are proud to be UK distributors for Lavazza coffee, and we do our upmost to maintain Lavazza’s values of quality coffee and enjoyment for his customers.

Click below to see our full range of Lavazza coffee capsules and Lavazza coffee machines.





Meet The Lavazza Espresso
Point Coffee Machine

Watch Mike and Zack from Whole Latte Love show you the versatile Lavazza Espresso Point coffee machines, which not only makes espresso, but tea and hot chocoloate.

We are UK distributors for Lavazza coffee machines and dozens of different Lavazza coffee capsules.

If you are interested in a FREE Lavazza coffee machine for your home or business, then click here or keep scrolling for more information.






Lavazza EP 2500 Plus
Espresso Machine 

 Take an in-depth look at Lavazza's newest espresso machine, the EP 2500 PLUS. This tech-savvy machine is designed for offices, coffee shops and home use.

The stylish EP 2500 is contemporary and very high quality, with an easy to use interface.

You can rent this machine from us for 3 or 18 month contracts with a minimum monthly order of Lavazza coffee capsules, or you can buy it out right from our store.












How To Get A Free Lavazza Coffee Machine 


As UK distributors, we have a fantastic range of Caffitaly and Lavazza coffee machines available.

All you have to do is order a minimum of 200 ( or 300 depending on the machine than you order) Lavazza coffee capsules a month to keep your supply stocked, and you can loan an official Lavazza coffee machine or Caffitaly coffee machine from us, free of charge.

  • We pay for all repairs and maintenance so you don’t have to worry.
  • We even cover all delivery costs if you are within London.
  • It’s our way of saying thank you to businesses who support us, and for bringing genuine Italian coffee to your home or working space.

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